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I have several projects in mind for collaborators whether they be students, postdocs or otherwise.


During the 2003-2004 term, I taught Astronomy 304, Research Topics in Astronomy. The topic was close to my research interests; it is Extreme Astrophysics: Black Holes, Neutron Stars and Gamma-Ray Bursts. I set up a website for the course at

From 2004-2007, I taught Astronomy 402/500 (Fundamentals of Astrophysics) and from 2005-2008, I taught Physics 350 (Classical Mechanics)

In the past, I taught a bit of a high-energy astrophysics course and a radiative processes course at Caltech. If I ever find my notes, I might put them here.


Check out the funding page. It is divided into sections for postdoctoral and postgraduate study.


I have listed some other websites that I have found useful in learning about something.


Eric Weisstein's world of science and mathematics has lots of really useful stuff, especially definitions and some neat animations.

Here are two fun links on the versatile cycloid. The first is for makers of Grandfather clocks and the second will help with the soap-box derby.

Wayne Hu's Homepage

Wayne has created a great website to learn about the physics of the cosmic microwave background from a beginner's to an advanced level. He has put a lot of work into this website, and it shows.

Sean Carroll's Lecture Notes on General Relativity

These lecture notes are based on a graduate course that Sean taught at MIT and form the a basis for a GR textbook.

Numerical Recipes On-Line

This is the online version of the popular books.

NASA Skyview

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